AAPPS bulletin

August 2023Vol 33

Research and Review
  • CDF W mass anomaly revisited

    Shou-hua Zhu

    Abstract The CDF, ATLAS, and LHCb have released the measurements on the W boson mass \(m_W\) at \(\sqrt{S}=1.96, 7, 13 TeV\), respectively. The measured values show the declining tendency, namely \(m_W\) decreases with the increment of the collider energy. If the declining tendency is confirmed, it might be the signal of metric field at high-energy colliders. In this paper, we propose a model to account for such tendency and explore the properties of the model. 1 Introduction In 2022, the new a

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  • The Wℓν -vertex corrections to W-boson mass in the R-parity violating MSSM

    Min-Di Zheng, Feng-Zhi Chen & Hong-Hao Zhang

    Abstract Inspired by the astonishing \(7\sigma\) discrepancy between the recent CDF-II measurement and the standard model prediction on the mass of W-boson, we investigate the \(\lambda '\)-corrections to the vertex of \(\mu \rightarrow \nu _\mu e\bar{\nu _e}\) decay in the context of the R-parity violating minimal supersymmetric standard model. These corrections can raise the W-boson mass independently. Combined with recent Z-pole and kaon decay measurements, \(m_W \lesssim 80.37\) GeV can be

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News and Views
  • Honoring Academician Nguyen Van Hieu: symposium and book launch on his 85th Birthday


    2 Honoring Academician Nguyen Van Hieu: symposium and book launch on his 85th Birthday by VPS On July 21, 2023, in Hanoi, on the occasion of Academician Nguyen Van Hieu’s 85th birthday and as a commemoration event a year following his passing, the Vietnam Physical Society and three other institutions (the Institute of Physics; the Institute of Materials Science; and Vietnam National University (VNU)-University of Engineering and Technology) co-organized a symposium to highlight the diverse acti

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  • Prof. Yong Seok Oh: an obituary

    Prof. Hyun-Chul Kim (Inha University)

    1 Prof. Yong Seok Oh: an obituary by Prof. Hyun-Chul Kim (Inha University) I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news of Prof. Yongseok Oh’s passing. Traveling to Daegu to attend his funeral, I was struck by a photo of him smiling, which made me feel his absence even more keenly. My acquaintance with Yongseok Oh began during my second year of graduate school when I was pursuing a master’s degree. At that time, he was a PhD student at Seoul National University, and we frequently particip

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