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AC2MP 2022 Meeting/Conference Report


Vol.33 (Apr) 2023 | Article no.9-1 2023

1 AC2MP 2022 Meeting/Conference Report by AAPPS DCMP

The Asia–Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics (AC2MP) 2022 took place in Sendai, Japan in a hybrid format on November 21–23, 2022. The second annual meeting was jointly organized by the AAPPS-Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP) and the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. In 2022, the 15th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC15) was held in the summer. Consequently, AC2MP focused on three main topics: applications of extreme conditions for condensed matter physics, quantum beam applications in condensed matter physics, and topology-related phenomena in matter.

The total number of registered participants was 148 and 52 participants attended the meeting in person. 56% of the onsite attendants were from Japan, 19% from the Republic of China, and 8% from Indonesia.

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[Statistics of registered participants]

The conference started on the morning of November 21, 2022, with an opening address by the DCMP chair, Prof. Park, followed by a welcoming speech from Tohoku University and a greeting from Prof. Tajima, the president of the Physical Society of Japan. It was very memorable to have two presidents of the respective physical societies of Japan and the Republic of China attend, as the societies are responsible for the current and future AC2MP meetings.

1.1 Day 1: Program and General Assembly

There were three sessions: Advances in Magnetic and Dielectric Systems, Optical Response and Exotic Magnetic States, and Novel Functionality in Matter. On the first day, 7 invited and 11 contributed speakers covered a broad range of current topics in condensed matter physics with several key concepts in common, including quantum phase transitions, topology, frustration, non-collinear structures, non-linear responses, and half-metals.

In the evening, the General Assembly of the DCMP was convened. The activity report and the election results for the next chair and vice chairs were approved. Prof. Kao and Prof. Ma presented the proposal for AC2MP 2023 to be held in Hualien, the Republic of China, from November 27–29, 2023. The certificate was conferred by the DCMP chair to Prof. Kao.

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1.2 Day 2: Program and Poster Session

November 22, 2022, there were two sessions about superconductivity, charge density wave (CDW) and nanoprobes, and the physics of thin films and layered materials. Then, a poster session with short verbal presentations was held. In the superconductivity session, high-T c superconductivity and novel superconductive materials were discussed. In the film and layered materials session, up-to-date reports on topological matters and semiconductors were given. The poster presentations from young researchers and students showed the power and ingenuity of the next generation of physicists.

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1.3 Day 3: Program and Poster session

On November 23, 2022, three sessions on topological matters and surfaces, nano science and novel transport, quantum matters, and extreme conditions were held. The discussion centered on topology and transport as well as novel states induced by strong magnetic fields. The relation between topological matter and strong correlations was also one of the highlights of the sessions.

1.4 Closing

In the closing remarks, the conference chair Prof. Nojiri expressed deep gratitude to attendees, program committee members, the local organizing committee, and sponsors for their support and contributions. This was the first DCMP held onsite in the post-Covid-19 era, and it was quite successful.

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