AAPPS bulletin


Historical Background

AAPPS Bulletin cover
The First Publication of the AAPPS Bulletin
(VOL. 1, NO.1, JUNE 1991)

AAPPS Bulletin is an official journal of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies. It has been publishing quality articles in all areas of physics and news of the Asia Pacific physics community for 31 years since 1991.

Message from C. N. Yang, the First President of AAPPS

This is the first issue of AAPPS Bulletin, which is amalgamation of ASPAP News and AAPPS Newsletter. Five volumes of ASPAP News have been published under the editorship of S. C. Lim, advised by an editorial board. It has received funds from UNESCO, ICTP and the Physical Society of Japan. It has been an eminently successful publication, first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. With the establishment of AAPPS, the editor and editorial board of ASPAP News, and the Council of AAPPS have agreed on the amalgamation of ASPAP News and with AAPPS Newsletter. It is believed by all that this amalgamation will broaden and strengthen the base of the publication, and will emphasize the increasing weight of the Asia Pacific region in the worldwide activities in research and education of our discipline. (part of the first issue published on June 1991)