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Gui-Lu Long
Gui-Lu Long Editor-in-Chief, AAPPS Bulletin
AAPPS Bulletin, Come on!

Greetings from the Editor-in-Chief,

The year of 2022 has passed. We have striven hard toward the goal of AB as a world-leading Journal of Physics. Significant progress has been made last year:

(1) The research and review papers published in 2021 have attracted much attention. Each receives more than 1000 online accesses, and was cited about 10 times on average. The performance is good, and is the best in AB’s 32 years history.

(2) AB publishes 34 research and review articles in 2022. The performance of these articles continue to excel.

(3) To strengthen the service role to AAPPS and its member societies, we have expanded the editorial board by inviting more senior editors. Now each member society has one senior editor at least, and they will collect news & views items from member societies as well contributing scholarly to AB.

AB has made considerable progress in 2022, thanks to the continuous efforts of our authors, readers and editors. We must work harder toward our goal of making AB a world-leading journal.
I rely on the support and hard work of our editors, our members, authors and readers. Special thanks go to APCTP for its generous financial support, without which it would be impossible to start such a brilliant and ambitious endeavor.
AAPPS Bulletin, Come on!

Gui-Lu Long Editor-in-Chief, AAPPS Bulletin