AAPPS bulletin


Article Categories

1) Research and Review Section
  • Research Articles

    The AAPPS Bulletin (AB) publishes research articles of high quality and high impact in all areas of physics. A research article usually includes a title, abstract, main text, tables, figures and references. Research articles are peer reviewed.

  • Review Articles

    The AB accepts review articles as an important component, on recent progress in all areas of physics. Review articles can be submitted independently or can be invited by the Editor-in-Chief or editors. The full text usually includes an abstract, introduction, main themes, brief subheadings, an outline of important unresolved questions and a discussion of future development. Review articles are peer reviewed.

2) News and Views Section
  • Research Highlights

    Research highlights should be invited by the editors and independent submission will not be accepted. Research highlights present recent researchers published in AB, or journals of member societies of the AAPPS. Research highlights serve to introduce important results published in mainstream journals in language understandable to general physicists. A research highlight should not be merely a summary of the conclusion of a previously published article, but rather add another dimension to the research.

  • News and Views

    The AB publishes news and views in member physical societies of the AAPPS and from physical societies around the world. News and views in the AB include news about the AAPPS and its council meetings, prizes in physics, activities of the AAPPS and its member societies and so on. News and views are contributed by editors or invited by editors, and member societies of the AAPPS.