FEBRUARY 2019  Vol.29 No.1

Cyclic Brownian Information Engine Under Error-free Measurements
Stochastic Thermodynamics Study of Microscopic Heat Engine
Statistical Physics of Real-world Complexity: Multiplex Networks ...
Physicists Propose to Carry out Neutron Activation Analysis of ...
Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science Nat...
Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
The College of Physics at Jilin University
Superheavy Elements: Beyond the 7th Period in the Periodic Table
Orbital Crossing with Spin FlipFound in Noncentrosymmetric ...
Report on the 38th Council Meeting of AAPPS
Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
Wavefunctions for Extended Electron Systems
Recent Progress on the Non-Abelian ν = 5/2 Quantum Hall State ...
Carbon, the Anthropic Principle, and Multiple Universes (Part 3)
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