October 2014 Vol. 24, No.5
The Structure and Dynamics of Micelles: Neutron Scattering Study
A Study on Accelerator-driven Transmutation System in JAEA

Sranaruee University of Technology
The Institute for Fundamental Study Naresuan University
19th JPS Award for Academic Papers on Physics in 2014
The Winner of the Second Nishina Asia Award in 2014
CMB Cosmology: A Special Section of Progress of Theoretical...
Rosetta has Arrived at the Comet / E-ELT Gets off the Ground

Static Wetting on Soft Solids; Formation of an Asymmetric Wetting...
Cosmic Structure as the Quantum Interference of a Coherent...
Observation of the Barnett Field in Solid by Nuclear Magnetic...
Greetings from APCTP Executive Director