OCTOBER 2020  Vol.30 No.5

Bottom-up Naturalness as a Guide to New Physics
J/Ψ Suppression in Nuclear Collisions: a Unique Signal of Qu...
Angular Momentum and Magnetic Field in Relativistic Heavy-ion ...
Erratum and Editor's Note
Vigyan Vidushi 2020.
A Site for the Next Korean Synchrotron Radiation Facility is Ann...
School of Chemistry and Physics of QUT
The Department of Physics, Nagoya University
Recent Progress In Class-𝒮 Construction and Non-Lagrangian ...
Matter-antimatter Asymmetry in Preheating
Nishina Asia Award 2020
Report on the 43rd Video Council Meeting of AAPPS
Nepal Physical Society Activities
Radio Waves: Another Eye to View the Universe
A New Field-Theoretical Formulation for Partons
Why is LaMET an Effective Field Theory for Partonic Structure?
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