FEBRUARY 2018 Vol.28 No.1

The Research Status of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Quant...
How to Trick Light into Flexing its Muscles
Stretchy Polymer Makes Good Waveguides
The Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Center for Young Scientists (CYS) of Indonesia
The Institute of Advanced Studies at Nanyang Technological Uni...
Gravitational Waves and the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
Unprecedented Stability Achieved at PAL-XFEL
Monopole Current Offers Way to Control Magnets

Report on the 36th Extended Council Meeting of AAPPS
The 5th International Meeting on Frontiers of Physics (IMFP) 2017
The First Year of the ANPhA (AAPPS-DNP) Awards for Young Sci...
APCTP Scientific Activities
Reports from the Strangeness in Nuclear Physics (SNP) School ...