OCTOBER 2016 Vol.26 No.5
Recent Progress in Quantum Information
High-Efficiency Coherent Light Storage for the Application of ...
Verifying Quantum Steering for Quantum-information Tasks
Guessing and Certifying Information in Quantum System

RAON, the Rare Isotope Accelerator Complex in the ISBB
Spintronics Research Network of Japan (Spin-RNJ) and Centers...
Pulling together after Brexit
The Department of Physics at Universiti Brunei Darussalam
LIGO Detected Primordial Black Holes?

Citation of the 2016 Nishina Asia Award
The First Asia Pacific Physics Conference in Singapore and the ...
Early Days of APCTP
A Brief Recollection of the Founding of APCTP
A Recollection on the Dawning of APCTP
On Canada's Membership in the APCTP and the Canadian The...
APCTP Scientific Activities