Volume 29 | Number 1 | FEBRUARY 2019

Feature Articles
Cyclic Brownian Information Engine Under Error-free Measurements혻혻by Govind Paneru, Hyuk Kyu Pak

We summarize our recent experimental findings on a cyclic information engine [1, 2], consisting of a Brownian particle in a harmonic trap, with error-free measurements and ultrafast feedback control. The engine can transport the particle in one direction and extract positive work from it by utilizing information about the microscopic state of the particle. ... More to Read
Stochastic Thermodynamics Study of Microscopic Heat Engine혻혻by Jae Dong Noh
Statistical Physics of Real-world Complexity: Multiplex Networks and Beyond 혻혻by Kwang-Il Goh
APCTP Section

Wavefunctions for large interacting electron systems lose their meaning due to an exponential growth of the dimensions of Hilbert space with increasing electron number. In order to base electronic-structure calculations for solids on wavefunctions instead on density functional theory one has to resolve this exponential wall problem (EWP). It is shown that the origin of it is the multiplicative... More to Read

Recent Progress on the Non-Abelian 館 = 5/2 Quantum Hall State혻혻 by Na Jiang, Xin Wan
Carbon, the Anthropic Principle, and Multiple Universes (Part 3)혻혻 by Sung-Chul Yoon

Superheavy Elements: Beyond the 7th Period in the Periodic Table 혻혻
by Kouichi Hagino
What is the heaviest element? In order to address this question, the elements up to
Z = 118 have been synthesized to date by heavy-ion fusion reactions. This has completed the 7th period in the periodic table of elements, and new attempts have been commenced aimed at syntheses of the elements in the 8th period. n this article, we review the current status and future challenges in the research ... More to Read
Orbital Crossing with Spin FlipFound in Noncentrosymmetric Metals혻혻
by Noriaki Kimura
Institutes in Asia Pacific
Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science National Institute of Informatics
by Kae Nemoto
Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology혻혻
by Hidekazu Tanaka
The College of Physics at Jilin University혻혻
by Yanming Ma
Society News
Report on the 38th Extended Council Meeting of AAPPS혻혻
by Jun'ichi Yokoyama
Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
Activities and Research News
Physicists Propose to Carry out Neutron Activation Analysis of Mosses for Environmental Monitoring혻혻 [Reproduced from the e-EPS]


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