Volume 28 | Number 6 | DECEMBER 2018

Feature Articles
Attosecond Pulse Synthesis: Fundamentals and Applications혻혻by Ci-Ling Pan

We present an alternative approach to generating attosecond pulses and arbitrary waveform synthesis by cascaded harmonics of a single-frequency high power laser. Sub-single-cycle (~ 0.37 cycle) sub-femtosecond (360 attosecond) pulses with carrier-envelope phase (CEP) ... More to Read
Primordial Black Holes혻혻by Teruaki Suyama
Non-diffusive Thermal Conduction in One-dimensional Materials혻혻by Chih-Wei Chang
Institutes in Asia Pacific

The University of Otago was founded in 1869, making it New Zealand's first and thus oldest University. It enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence, successfully balancing the traditions of its history with modern scholarship and research. Otago offers a unique campus lifestyle, creating a culture of learning that reflects the special characteristics of New Zealand together with ... More to Read

Establishing an Underground Science Laboratory for Dark Matter and other Rare Event Searches in India혻혻
by Satyajit Sahasaha

APCTP Section

Neutrino Nucleosynthesis:
An Overview
by K. Langanke,
G. Martinez-Pinedo and A. Sieverding
Neutrinos produced during a supernova explosion induce reactions on abundant nuclei in the outer stellar shells and contribute in this way to the synthesis of the elements in the Universe... More to Read
A Harmonic Oscillator Universe혻혻
by Jinn-Ouk Gong
Carbon, the Anthropic Principle, and Multiple Universes (2)혻혻
by Sung-Chul Yoon
Observation of Mott Transition Coupled to Intramolecular Degrees of Freedom 혻혻
by Ryosuke Takehara and Kazushi Kanoda
Optical Scientists Receive the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics
by Byoungho Lee
Society News
Nishina Memorial Prize 2018
Every year since 1955, the Nishina Memorial Prize has been awarded to young physicists for their achievements in the field of atomic and sub-atomic physics. This prize* is regarded to the most prestigious prize in physics in Japan. From this year, the recipient shall be introduced ... More to Read
Activities and Research News
The First Telescope on a Cherenkov Telescope Array Site Makes its Debut
by CTA [Reproduced from the e-EPS]


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