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News from the Korean Physical Society
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News from the Korean Physical Society


Professor Jae Il Lee (Inha University, Incheon) started his two-year term as the 27th president of the Korean Physical Society (KPS) on January 1, 2017. The 27th Executive Body of the KPS is composed of, among others, the vice president, Professor Keon-Ho Yoo (Kyung Hee Univ., Seoul), the secretary of general affairs, Professor Young Keun Han (Hanyang Univ., Seoul), and the treasurer, Professor JunHo Kim (Incheon Nat'l Univ., Incheon).

The New Year's meeting and the first council meeting were held on January 5, 2017, in which a total of 34 board members and two auditors were elected. On January 13th and 14th, the first workshop of the executive committee was held in Daejeon, and a total of 50 people, including the committee chairpersons and staff members attended. During this workshop, there was a serious discussion regarding the direction of the operation and on the development of the society.

The following is a summary of the main parts of President Lee's inaugural address at the New Year's meeting. First, many efforts will be made to improve communication, harmony, and relationship both inside and outside of the society. He plans to visit the members of the district communities as often as possible, listen to their difficulties, and work to resolve them. A newsletter will be launched to actively inform members about news from the society. The problem of the allocation of research funds would ideally be resolved so that no members would be alienated from research funds. For this purpose, cooperation with physics related societies and basic science related societies will be enhanced. President Lee also said that he envisions that KPS will be a hub for interactions with research institutes, universities and businesses. Communication with the general public will be promoted in order to extend physics outreach activities.

Secondly, President Lee said he would encourage the development of the academic conferences and the academic journals of the KPS. Programs to promote communication between senior members, young people, women, and members of regional branches will be added and programs extending international academic exchanges will be strengthened. Various efforts to improve the impact factor of the Journal of the Korean Physical Society will be made, and Current Applied Physics will be diversified with more articles authored by researchers from countries over the world to become a leading international academic journal.

Third, various problems faced by KPS will be resolved. For local universities suffering from the crisis of existence of physics department, the society will help them and bear the problem jointly. The society will try to improve the physics curriculum of the secondary schools with the recognition that physics education affects the future of the nation.

Fourth, President Lee reminded the attendants about the impressive history of the society and he said that in his work as president, he would keep the future goals of the overall physics community in mind. In 2022, the society will have its 70th anniversary. Various important historical materials will be collected to celebrate the occasion. He stated his belief that an even more promising future for 'physics', 'physicists', and 'physics community' would unfold if the executive body would endeavor to operate in a manner that is both aware of past difficulties and accomplishments, but also strives and plans for a productive future. President Lee's inaugural address concluded by recalling and expressing his appreciation for the abundant encouragement and support provided by the members.