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The 34th Council Meeting of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS)
Jun'ichi Yokoyama
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The 34th Council Meeting of the Association
of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS)


Fig. 1: AAPPS council members and observers of the 34th council meeting at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane. Front row (left to right): Swee-Ping Chia, Cathy Foley, Jun'ichi Yokoyama, Fu-Jen Kao, Gui Lu Long, Seunghwan Kim, Bruce McKellar, Kuijuan Jin, Ling-an Wu; back row (right to left): Woo-Sung Jung, Ruiqin Zhang, Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Kurunathan Ratnavelu, Naoki Yokoyama, Tohru Motobayashi, Wenlong Zhan, Rajdeep Singh Rawat, Minn-Tsong Lin, Sang Pyo Kim, Monika Raharti, Yasuhiko Fujii, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Hyoung Joon Choi, Xing Zhu, Sukit Limpijumnong.

The 34th Council Meeting of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) of the incoming council members was held at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Brisbane, Australia, on December 4, 2016. The meeting was attended by President Seunghwan Kim, Vice-President Gui-Lu Long, Secretary Sang Pyo Kim, Treasurer Hyoung-Joon Choi and council members Cathy Foley (Australian Institute of Physics), Yasuhiko Fujii (Physical Society of Japan, proxy for Hatsumi Mori), Mitsumasa Iwamoto (Japan Society of Applied Physics [JSAP], proxy for Masasski Tanaka), Kuijuan Jin (Chinese Physical Society), Fu-Jen Kao (PS located in Taipei), Minn-Tsong Lin (PS located in Taipei), Kurunathan Ratnavelu (Malaysian Physical Society), Rajdeep Singh Rawat (Institute of Physics, Singapore), Jun'ichi Yokoyama (Physical Society of Japan),Ruiqin Zhang (Physical Society of Hong Kong), and Xing Zhu (Chinese Physical Society). The meeting was observed by Swee-Ping Chia (Malaysian Physical Society), Bruce McKellar (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics [IUPAP]), Ling-an Wu (Chinese Physical Society); Woo-Sung Jung (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics [APCTP]); Naoki Yokoyama (JSAP); Tohru Motobayashi (next editor-in-chief); Chuang Zhang (Chinese Physical Society); Monika Raharti (Indonesian Physical Society); Mitsuru Kikuchi (Division of Plasma Physics [DPP] chair); Kazuhiro Tanaka (Division of Nuclear Physics [DNP] chair); Sukit Limpijumnong (Thai Institute of Physics).

The secretary documented the presence of fifteen members including two proxies and the quorum was met. The president opened the 34th council meeting, congratulated the incoming council members and greeted observers. The agenda of the 34th council meeting was adopted. The election of the new president and the vice-president was processed.

Ruiqin Zhang nominated Gui Lu Long as a candidate for the new president and Sang Pyo Kim, Kurunathan Ratnavelu, and Juan Jin seconded the nomination of Gui Lu Long. The secret ballot proceeded, and Gui Lu Long was unanimously elected (fifteen votes). Sang Pyo Kim nominated Fu-Jen Kao as a candidate for the vice-president, and Rajdeep Singh Rawat and Minn-Tsong Lin seconded the nomination of Fu-Jen Kao. Mitsumasa Iwamoto nominated Jun'ichi Yokoyama as another candidate, and Fu-Jen Kao seconded the nomination. The secret ballot proceeded: Fu-Jen Kao received eight votes, Jun'ichi Yokoyama received six votes, and there was one blank vote. Fu-Jen Kao was elected as the next vice-president.

Gui-Lu Long addressed the meeting as the president-elect and expressed thanks to all council members and his appreciation toward APCTP as the administrative headquarters of AAPPS. He proposed his goals to make AAPPS higher profile, tighter knit and broader than ever before, in line with the European Physical Society (EPS) and the American Physical Society (APS). He envisioned AAPPS serving even more of the physics community within the Asia-Pacific region.

The president-elect appointed Jun'ichi Yokoyama as the secretary, and the appointment was unanimously approved by the council. He also appointed Hyoung Joon Choi as the treasurer and the appointment was unanimously approved by the council. Finally, he proposed that Seunghwan Kim as the past president should serve the council as a special advisor and the motion was unanimously resolved by the council.

The president-elect put forth on the agenda the revision of the Division of Plasma Physics [DPP] bylaws, as the DPP still is in a developmental stage. Sang Pyo Kim proposed a motion to change the bylaws to the following formulation, as requested by the DPP:

5.1 Officers of the Division: The Officers of the Division are the Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice Chairs, and Division Secretaries.
5.2 Terms of Division Officers: Chair-Elect becomes the Chair after one's three-year fulfillment as Chair-Elect. The term of other Division Officers is three years with possible extensions if one's role as a Division Officer is changed.

The motion was resolved by fourteen votes.

The vice-president-elect gave a short speech and the possibility of the next council meeting being held in China in April was discussed. The decision will be announced by emails. Sang Pyo Kim proposed an OGM and council meeting at APCTP in 2018 together with the Bulletin meeting. The president made a closing comment, and the council meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.