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The Center for Young Scientists (CYS) of Indonesia
Monika Raharti
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The Center for Young Scientists (CYS) of Indonesia


Fig. 1: One of the conferences organized by CYS.

The Center for Young Scientists (CYS) has been actively engaged in science education in Indonesia since 2006. The center has worked closely with both governmental and non-governmental organizations for both teacher and student training programs. Under the umbrella of a foundation in Bandung, the Center for Young Scientists develops strategic links to complete its mission in promoting research at the secondary school level. It is also actively involved in enhancing the skills of teachers in mentoring students who are doing research. The center hopes to establish an atmosphere encouraging ever higher levels of research in universities and schools, and emphasizes the values of honesty, equity and creativity.

Each year, more than 1,500 students in Indonesia participate in various research competitions at the provincial level, hosted by CYS together with the provincial government and various companies. More than 600 projects in physics, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, and life sciences are evaluated by judges from universities and research institutes, through poster presentations and oral presentations conducted in English. The best entries are selected to compete at the national and international level, with assistance from CYS.

The yearly events have resulted in a demand for teachers who are able to guide and mentor students in research work, and CYS has since provided support for teacher training with workshops, seminars, and courses. In addition, CYS has invited eminent scientists from universities in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for workshops for teachers.

CYS is also a founding organization of the The Indonesian Association of Research Mentor (IARM). Together with the association, CYS has developed a national system of certification for mentoring teachers, and a system of certification for research based schools.

CYS has also established extensive networks with international institutions and organizations such as UNESCO, ICTP (the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics), SPIE, RECAST, the World Federation of Physics Competitions, and the International Science School Network.


         Fig. 2: Collage of activities at the center.

CYS works closely with the Ministry of Education of Indonesia, the Ministry of Research and Technology of Indonesia, Indonesia's national nuclear agency, and the Physics Society of Indonesia.


Monika Raharti is the director of the Center for Young Scientists in Indonesia. She is also the president of the Asia-Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS). Her work focuses on matters of physics education in the Asia Pacific Region.

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