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APCTP Scientific Activities
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APCTP Scientific Activities

The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) is the first international research institute in Korea. Since its establishment in June 1996, APCTP has been promoting advanced research and regional collaboration, and has nurtured young scientists in the field of theoretical physics in Asia Pacific region.

APCTP accepts applications and provides financial support, administrative services and a research-friendly environment for the following four types of scientific activities:

Category-1: Conferences, workshops, and schools
Category-2: Focus research programs
Category-3: Topical research programs
Category-4: Activities in member countries and with Partner institutes

APCTP Category-1 programs are designed to initiate international research activities through conferences, workshops, or schools. These programs typically last less than two weeks and focus on frontier research topics, foster young scientists, and contribute to forming research cooperation networks among diverse physics groups and organizations.


APCTP Category-2 programs typically last for two weeks to several weeks and enable researchers to collaborate on focused research topics at the headquarters of APCTP. The number of participants is typically limited, and requires a direct invitation by the organizers.


APCTP Category-3 programs are topical research programs that are held for several months, for selected research topics and discussions on recent hot topics, through a series of mini-workshops and/or seminars. These programs enable local research groups and communities to develop international collaborations and to integrate with the scientific communities of the Asia-Pacific region.


APCTP also accepts, as APCTP Category-4 programs, proposals for activities that will be held in member countries or jointly with the institutes under their respective MOUs. APCTP is inviting online applications for Category-4 programs throughout the year.

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