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Chinese Physical Society : Prof. Jialin Xie Honored with China��s Top National Award
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Chinese Physical Society :

Prof. Jialin Xie Honored with China��s Top National Award


Prof. Jialin Xie, together with famous architect Wu Liangyong, received China��s top scientific and technological award on February 14, 2012. This is the first time a physicist working in the field of high energy physics and nuclear physics has received this award in 12 successive years since 2000. Twenty scientists in total have been honored so far.

In his decades-long research career, Prof. Jialin Xie has made outstanding contributions in accelerator physics, accelerator technology and free electron lasers. After receiving a degree from the department of physics at Yanjing University, he went to the United States for further study in 1947. He received a master��s degree in physics at Caltech, and obtained a Ph.D. in physics in 1951 at Stanford University. As the chief physicist he successfully led a group to build a 45 MeV electron accelerator at Michael Reese Medical Center in Chicago for cancer treatment.

Upon return to China in 1955, he devoted himself to the development of particle accelerators in China. He led a team to construct the 30 MeV electron linac in 1964, which was the first one ever built in China. From 1982-1986 he was in charge of the design and construction of the Beijing-Electron Collider (BEPC), the first high energy accelerator in China. The BEPC had been successfully operated for 17 years with fruitful results in both high energy physics and synchrotron radiation experiments. In 2005 the major upgrade project BEPCII began. He also succeeded in building China��s first infrared free electron laser which produced spontaneous emission in May of 1993 and lasing saturation by the end of 1993. From 2000-2004 he worked out a simplified linac together with his students where the electron source is combined with klystron and obtained a patent on a new type of electron linear accelerator.

Prof. Jialin Xie, in his senior age, is still active in the frontiers of accelerator research, while the particle accelerators is growing vigorously in China based on his vanward work.