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ANPhA/AAPPS-DNP activities and some news from the Asia Pacific nuclear physics community
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ANPhA/AAPPS-DNP activities and some news
from the Asia Pacific nuclear physics community

Weiping Liu

The Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) was established in 2008. It represents nuclear physics in the Asia Pacific region. It also plays a role as the Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) of AAPPS. Because of COVID-19 situations, its regular activities are limited. For example, the annual board meeting scheduled in December will be organized virtually by the University of Hong Kong (HKU). From the year 2020, Prof. Weiping Liu from China served as the ANPhA chair, succeeding Prof. Tanaka from Japan, who has made great contributions to the activities. Maintenance of the ANPhA website was moved from RIKEN in Japan to CIAE in China (https://bisol.org/anpha/index.html). The site has updated information supposed to be useful for nuclear physics researchers in the region, such as in terms of job opportunities.

Despite the difficult situation caused by COVID-19, ANPhA continued to spiritually support international conferences and symposiums held in the Asia Pacific: NIC2021 conference in Chengdu, CNS Summer School 2020 organized online by CNS, SNP school 2020 in Tokai (partially online), APLAT 2020 symposium organized online by KEK, NuSYS summer school 2021 in Beijing, and APFB2020 scheduled to be held in the city of Kanazawa in 2021. Thanks to the AAPPS supports, together with the budgets collected in previous years, ANPhA/DNP awards were granted to young scientists in Asia on the occasions of some of the ANPhA-supported symposiums.


Fig. 1: A snapshot of the NuPECC web meeting.


A report on ANPhA activities for these 10 years was published in NuPECC's Nuclear Physics News, entitled "Ten Years of the Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) and Major Accelerator Facilities for Nuclear Physics in the Asia Pacific Region" [1]. The article was written by several board members and edited by the former Chair Prof. Tanaka. Another publication to re- view the progress of nuclear astrophysics in Asia is in preparation for the AAPPS Bulletin in its "Review and Research" section. Some members of the ANPhA board are also involved.

As an observer from ANPhA, Prof. Weiping Liu par- ticipated in the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) board meeting held on October 16 (see Fig. 1). ANPhA and NuPECC regularly exchange observations in their the meeting.

Great news in 2020 for the nuclear physics community was the AAPPS Chen Ning Yang Award, which was re- ceived by Nobuyuki Kobayashi from RCNP Osaka for his outstanding contributions to exotic nuclear physics.

On December 1, Weiping Liu reported the ANPhA ac- tivities as a DNP division chair, in the AAPPS video council meeting.

Another news was for Asian-wide nuclear physics col- laborations under the "A3 Foresight Program" that started in 2019. They are based on an agreement among the Japan Society of Promotion of Science (JSPS), the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). It supports the joint research conducted by researchers from Japan, China, and Korea. The program aims at establishing a top-level research hub in Asia (see https://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-foresight/index.html). Two nu- clear physics programs are adopted under the titles of "Reaction dynamics towards the limits of nuclear and elemental existences" and "Various Manifestations of Nuclear Structure -- From Nucleons to Nuclear Matter at in Extreme Conditions".


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