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Report on the 42nd Extended Council Meeting of AAPPS
Jun'ichi Yokoyama
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Report on the 42nd Extended Council Meeting of AAPPS


The 42nd Extended Council Meeting of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) was held at Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on November 17 2019 right after the 41st Council Meeting. The participants were Gui-Lu Long (current president), Fu-Jen Kao (current vice-president), Jun'ichi Yokoyama (current secretary), Hyoung Joon Choi (current treasurer), Seunghwan Kim (immediate past president and special advisor), and current council members Andrew Peele as a proxy of Cathay Foley (Australian Institute of Physics), Kuijuan Jin (The Chinese Physical Society), Xing Zhu (The Chinese Physical Society), Hatsumi Mori (Physical Society of Japan), Masaaki Tanaka (The Japan Society of Applied Physics), Sang Pyo Kim (Korean Physical Society), Kurunathan Ratnavelu (Malaysian Institute of Physics), Ruiqin Zhang (The Physical Society of Hong Kong), Rajdeep Singh Rawat (Institute of Physics Singapore), and new council members Xiu-dong Sun (The Chinese Physical Society), Tao Xiang (The Chinese Physical Society), Mio Murao (Physical Society of Japan), Woo-Sung Jung and Keun-Young Kim (Korean Physical Society), Meng-Fan Luo (PS located in Taipei). As an extended council meeting it was also attended by the representatives of the member societies, Tomofumi Nagae (Physical Society of Japan), Bum-Hoon Lee (Korean Physical Society), Medeu Abishev (Kazakhstan Physical Society), as well as the division chairs, Mitsuru Kikuchi (DPP), Baonian Wan (DPP Chair-elect), and Kazuhiro Tanaka (DNP), and Editor-in-chief of AAPPS Bulletin, Tohru Motobayashi. It was observed by Yunkyu Bang (President of APCTP), Won Namkung (past president of AAPPS), Suklyun Hong (Vice president of Korean Physical Society), Seunglae Cho (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)), Eunjeong Lee (AAPPS liaison officer), and Naeun Park (APCTP).


Fig. 1: AAPPS council members and observers of the 42nd council meeting at Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Front row (left to right): Bum-Hoon Lee, Fu-Jen Kao, Won Namkung, Gui-Lu Long, Jun'ichi Yokoyama, Hyoung Joon Choi, Seunghwan Kim, Yunkyu Bang, Xiu-dong Sun, Kurunathan Ratnavelu; back row (right to left): Rajdeep Singh Rawat, Masaaki Tanaka, Tomofumi Nagae, Tao Xiang, Mio Murao, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Woo-Sung Jung, Sang Pyo Kim, Tohru Motobayashi, Hatsumi Mori, Medeu Abishev, Meng-Fan Luo, Ruiqin Zhang, Suklyun Hong, Keun-Young Kim, Kazuhiro Tanaka.

(1) The secretary reported the presence of 15 new and current council members out of 16 members including two proxies, and the quorum was met. These numbers include current president Gui-Lu Long and immediate past president Seunghwan Kim as ex-officio members.

(2) The president Long opened the 42nd Extended Council meeting as the chair person, welcomed all the participants.

(3) The agenda was adopted as prepared by the secretary.

(4) All the participants introduced themselves.

(5) President Long explained the result of the elections of President and Vice-President done in the 41st council meeting. There was only one nomination for the candidate of the president, Jun'ichi Yokoyama, and he was elected unanimously. The election of vice-president proceeded similarly, Hyoung Joon Choi was the only nominee and was unanimously elected. The new secretary is to be decided, but Keun-Young Kim has been appointed as a treasurer. Yokoyama made a speech. He said he would do his best for more prosperous AAPPS in particular more division formation comparable to EPS. He mentioned that tomorrow AAPPS would celebrate 30th anniversary while EPS had 50 years of history. By this time AAPPS should have more divisions and more activities competitive to EPS. Last year AAPPS made rules to endorse/cosponsor/sponsor conferences, workshops, and schools in the Asia Pacific region, and he proposed all the participants to make their activities also affiliated with AAPPS so that it has more physics activities. Cooperation with APCTP is very important. He said he wishes to establish a win-win situation between AAPPS and APCTP towards the same goal for the promotion of physics in Asia Pacific. Then Hyoung Joon Choi made a speech as the next vice-President. He will also do his best for the same goal; with more division formation which will make the next APPC in Korea in a better shape.

(6) Treasurer Choi made a financial report of AAPPS for the purpose of sharing the current status with the new council members. He summarized the account status. The leftover was KRW 49000k. The income from membership fee has been increased…The balance is KRW 55000k. The donation of KRW 55000k is in a different account. Last year 8 members paid the membership fee. President Long mentioned the financial situation of AAPPS has been improving mainly thanks to the support of APCTP.

(7) Report from Women-in-Physics Working group. Hatsumi Mori explained the activities of WiP group on behalf of the chair Youngha Park. She showed the list of main members and stressed that it was not only for women but also men were welcome. They wish to have 30% women in any committee in AAPPS starting from the council which has only 3 female among 16 now. She explained WiP activities in IUPAP; every three years they hold a meeting with 300 or more participants. The next one will be in Australia in July 2020. She also explained the history of WiP activities in Asia Pacific. They will organize sessions at APPC14 just starting. In one year or so, the chair of the working group will be changed to one of the new council member.

(8) Editor-in-chief Tohru Motobayashi reported the status of publication of AAPPS Bulletin. So far 87 monthly editorial board meetings have been held. Recently they have launched AAPPS Bulletin News Letter, which can be found at the website and individual subscription is possible. Currently it has 240 individual readers. Some of the member societies and divisions are distributing it. The editorial board is about to change. From August on, current president, Gui-Lu Long will be the editor-in-chief. They plan to have two deputy editor-in-chieves. From January to July both current and new editorial board members will work together. They plan to introduce a new section devoted to scientific papers, and an ad hoc committee has been established. As for the expenses, 5 member societies have been contributing USD 5000 each annually, and they have a number of cooperate member institutes which subscribe a number of copies of the Bulletin. They plan to distribute a copy of the latest issue to each participant of APPC14. He acknowledged supports from APCTP, not only financially but also administratively. Enjeong Lee at APCTP has been a primary contact of the editorial office. The annual face-to-face has been held at APCTP which also covered local expenses. Now DOI numbers are put to feature articles and those in activities and research news section. They will make an exhibition booth at APPC14. President Long mentioned that citations of the articles were low, and the authors in the audience should cite them. APCTP president Bang mentioned that the idea is to combine news letter style and scientific journal, and a new committee handling the latter has around 50 people now. Motobayashi mentioned that editorial policy has been decided in this council. While it is true that there was a word "Physics Today" style, opinions vary from member to member, some think it should be a simple news letter, others prefer scientific articles. He said news letter articles are more readable to wider audience on one hand but is difficult to make appropriate articles on the other, and they decided to start publishing scientific papers, too, starting from invited review articles. Sang-Pyo Kim proposed a motion to appoint Gui-Lu Long as the next Editor-in-chief. Yokoyama seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

(9) Woo-Sung Jung reported on APCTP as its executive director, starting from its history since 1996. APCTP has been hosting the editorial office of AAPPS Bulletin, and also supporting division activities. Their annual support is USD 30000 and up to USD 10000 per division. In APS March meeting, they had an exhibition booth for AAPPS Bulletin as well as in annual meetings of KPS. APCTP has started cooperation of CN Yang award of AAPPS, and the award ceremony will be done during the banquet of APPC. With this cooperation, the award has been reformed to be an annual one and in years when there is no APPC, the award ceremony will be held at APCTP. They will start call for nomination in April. Since timeline of this year's selection process was very tight, we should start well in advance.

(10) Some reports from member societies. First Rajadeep Singh Rawat made a report on the activities of Institute of Physics Singapore, their annual meetings, and outreach activities. Then Medeu Abishev representing our new member, Kazakhstan Physical Society, introduced the third meeting of the society and physics activities in the country.

(11) Reports from divisions. Mitsuru Kikuchi, CEO of DPP, reported on their activities. In order to have financial responsibility and authority, they have established legal personality. Without it, the financial responsibility must be borne by the chair person. He explained the process in detail, as well as a number of awards given by DPP and their annual meetings. The fourth DPP conference will be held in Jeju Island, Korea. They are also publishing Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics through Springer.

Next, Sang Pyo Kim reported on DACG on behalf of Misao Sasaki. CosPA conference was held in Yangzhou last year and was attended by 180 people from 10 countries/regions. AP school and workshop on gravitation and cosmology was held in Kyoto with 150 attendees which was the maximum acceptable by the size of the hall. Cooperation with EPS division of gravitational physics is under preparation with the leadership of the chair, Misao Sasaki. Website of DACG has been managed by Research Center for the Early Universe of the University of Tokyo. The next CosPA will be held in Hong Kong.

Finally, Kazuhiro Tanaka reported on the activities of DNP as the chair. ANPhA is representing DNP and it sends the chair to EPS DNP meetings and NuPEC meetings as an observer. Objectives of ANPhA is collaboration, education, coordination of activities with existing and planned research facilities and discussion of future research and funding. From 2020 on the headquarter of ANPhA/DNP will move from Japan to China. The next meeting will be held in Hong Kong. ANPhA/DNP has been presenting poster awards at various conferences held in Asia Pacific. Last year at 16 conferences. They finally introduced annual membership fee to each country/region, USD 100 per board member. ANPhA/DNP has been organizing a number of activities not only in Japan, China, Korea, but also in South East Asia including Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

(12) Discussion on new division formation. Yokoyama announced that on Wednesday lunch time, there would be a discussion meeting toward division formation on condensed matter proposed by Hiroyuki Nojiri of Tohoku University. Yokoyama also mentioned that EPS also has division of condensed matter physics as a whole inside which there are a number of sections of various subfields. It was agreed that it would be good to start in this way.

President-elect Yokoyama proposed to form a small working committee consisting of division chairs, president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president to realize better communication between the council and divisions and to discuss future directions of physics activities of AAPPS, since divisions are playing very important roles in this regard now. The motion was seconded by president Long and unanimously agreed.

(13) APPC and ASEPS. The next APPC after Kuching will be held in Gyeongju, Korea in August 2022 hosted by KPS. Before this meeting EPS is expected to host an ASEPS meeting in Europe. Kikuchi proposed a joint meeting with APS but Kao mentioned that APS would not organize any meetings outside USA.

(14) The next face-to-face council meeting will be held in Hong Kong in the first half of December.

(15) The meeting was adjourned at 17:31.


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