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Every year the Physical Society of Japan presents the Award for the Encouragement of Young Physicists for young researchers who have made outstanding achievements in their early research careers.  The winners of this year were recently decided by the board meeting of JPS based on the selection of committees established in 19 divisions of the Society.  The maximum number of the winners from each division has been determined based on the number of talks at the annual assemblies in the past three years. All the winners are to give an award lecture at the next general assembly of the Society scheduled in March 2012. Here is the list of the winners and their research topics based on the divisions from which they have been nominated.


Theoretical Particle Physics: Koji Ishiwata (Caltech) ��Cosmic Gamma-ray from inverse Compton process in unstable dark matter scenario.�� 


Experimental Particle Physics: Takashi Kubota (KEK) ��Measurement of the Weak Boson Production Cross Section in the Events with Muons in Proton-Proton Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector.��  Yasuhiro Nishimura (KEK) ��A Search for the Decay ��+ -> e+�� Using a High-Resolution Liquid Xenon.�� 


Theoretical Nuclear Physics: Philipp Gubler (TITECH) ��Analysis of QCD sum rules with the maximum entropy method.��  Nobuo Hinohara (RIKEN) ��Microscopic description of large-amplitude shape-mixing dynamics with inertial functions derived in local quasiparticle random-phase approximation.�� 


Experimental Nuclear Physics: Toshiyuki Sumikama (TUS) ��Structural evolution in the neutron-rich nuclei 106Zr and 107Zr.��  Koji Miwa (Tohoku U.) ��Search for the pentaquark ��+ in reactions induced by hadron beam.�� 


Cosmic Ray and Astrophysics: Tsutomu Kobayashi (Kyoto U.) ��Observational consequences of extended theories of gravity in cosmology and relativistic stars.��  Teruaki Enoto (Stanford U.) ��Broadband Study with Suzaku of the Mangetar Class.��  Koji Ishidoshiro (Nagoya U.) ��Search for low-frequency gravitational waves using a superconducting magnetically-levitated torsion antenna.��


Beam Physics: No one qualified.


Division 1 (Atoms, molecules etc.): Munekazu Horikoshi (U. Tokyo) ��Measurement of universal thermodynamic functions for a unitary Fermi gas.��  Katsunari Enomoto (Toyama U.) ��Photoassociation spectroscopy and optical Feshbach resonance of ultracold ytterbium atoms.��  Yutaka Yoshikawa (Kyoto U.) ��Coherent manipulation of matter waves with superradiant Raman scattering.��


Division 2 (Plasma):  Kazunori Takahashi (Iwate U.) ��Energy distributions of charged particles in helicon double layer plasmas and their application to electric propulsion.��  Kenichi Nagaoka (NIFS) ��Discovery of a dissipative vortex formation and mechanism of anomalous transport of fast ions in magnetized plasmas.�� 


Division 3 (Magnetism): Yoshihiko Okamoto (ISSP, U. Tokyo) ��New Materials Research of Spin-1/2 Kagome Antiferromagnets.�� Masahiro Sato (Aoyama Gakuin U.) ��Theoretical study of multipolar and chiral ordered states and the dynamics in low-dimensional frustrated magnets.�� Akinobu Yamaguchi (AIST) ��Study on novel spin dynamics in nanoscale metal magnets in high-frequency region.��


Division 4 (Semiconductors and mesoscopic systems): Motohiko Ezawa (U. Tokyo) ��Pioneering Studies on Physical Properties of Graphene Nanostructure.��


Division 5 (Optical properties of condensed matter):  Seigo Souma (WPI-AIMR, Tohoku U.) ��Development of ultrahigh-resolution spin-resolved photoemission spectrometer and research on the electronic structure of novel functional materials.�� Kosuke Yoshioka (U. Tokyo) ��Precision spectroscopy and realization of Bose-Einstein condensation of dark excitons in Cu2O.�� Shinichi Watanabe (Keio U.) ��Experimental studies on non-equilibrium carrier dynamics in low-dimensional organic materials by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy.�� 


Division 6 (Metals, ultra-low temperatures, superconductivity): Satoshi Murakawa (Keio U.) ��Study for Majorana Cone in Surface State of Superfluid Helium Three.��  Junko Taniguchi (UEC) ��Experimental study of the quantum phase transition and superfluidity of 4He confined in one-dimensional nano-porous media.�� 


Division 7 (Molecular solids and organic conductors): Yasuhiro Shimizu (Nagoya U.) ��Experimental study on quantum spin liquid and superconductivity in organic triangular lattice Mott insulator.�� Hidekazu Shimotani (Tohoku U.)  ��Electronic phase transition induced by carrier control with high electric field at solid-liquid interface.�� Katsunori  Wakabayashi (NIMS) ��Theoretical studies of edge effect on electronic properties of nanographene.��


Division 8 (Strongly correlated electron systems): Takahiro Onimaru (Hiroshima U.) ��Manifestation of Multipolar Degrees of Freedom in Physical Properties of Rare-earth Compounds.��  Kentaro Kitagawa (ISSP, U. Tokyo) ��NMR Studies for Iron-Based Superconductors and Development of Ultra-High-Pressure NMR Technique.��  Akihisa Koga (TITECH) ��Theoretical study of orbital-selective Mott transitions in strongly correlated electron systems.��


Division 9 (Surfaces, interfaces, and crystal growth):  Yuki Kimura (Tohoku U.) ��Mesoscopic crystallization of cosmic dust.��  Toyo Kazu Yamada (Chiba U.) ��Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy study of electron spin phenomena in nano- and atomic-scale magnetic materials.��


Division 10 (Dielectrics, lattice defects etc.): Mamoru Fukunaga (IMRAM, Tohoku U.) ��Experimental studies of multiferroic materials using a new scheme of dielectric measurements.��  Hajime Kimizuka (Osaka U.) ��Theoretical studies of hydrogen diffusion and trapping in metals.��


Division 11 (Statistical physics, fluid and mechanics, applied mathematics): Masayuki Ohzeki (Kyoto U.) ��Theory of Spin Glasses.�� Jun Sato (Ochanomizu U.) ��Exact study of correlation functions for the spin-1/2 Heisenberg spin chain.�� Kazumasa A. Takeuchi (U. Tokyo) ��Experimental verification of universal laws far from equilibrium.��  Shoichi Toyabe (Chuo U.) ��Measurement of nonequilibrium fluctuations and validation of nonequilibrium thermodynamic relations.�� 


Division 12 (Soft matter, chemical and bio physics): Miho Yanagisawa (Kyushu U.) ��Shape deformation of multi-component vesicles coupled with phase separation.�� Hirofumi Wada (YITP, Kyoto U.) ��Elastohydrodynamics of helices and its applications to biomechanics of bacteria.�� 


Division 13 (Physics education, history, environmental physics): No one qualified.