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The 2018 Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting and Awards
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The 2018 Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting and Awards

From Mar 7-9, 2018, the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) held its 2018 annual meeting. About three hundred researchers attended the three-day meeting. There were six plenary talks that covered a diverse spectrum of outstanding local activities. The talks were on the following subjects: quantum control of ultracold dipolar molecules (Huanqian Loh); 2D and 3D non-symmorphic topological metals (Shenyuan Yang); active electronic and photonic materials by nanostructural design (Robert Simpson); environmental modeling of urban cities (Wee Shing Koh); from the knowledge of physics to the physics of knowledge (Siew Ann Cheong); and making the teaching of physics fun and interesting (Subramaniam Ramanathan).

Aside from the plenary talks, there were 19 technical sessions with 89 invited and contributed talks at the meeting. A total of 66 posters were also presented.

The IPS awards were presented at the presented at the dinner banquet for a conference on Particles and Cosmology (Mar 5-9, 2018) organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Nanyang Technological University. The awards this year went to various successful scientists in Singapore. Yuan Ping Feng received the IPS President's Award for his pioneering computational material physics research in Singapore, for his contributions in shaping the research profile of the Physics Department at the National University of Singapore (NUS) when he was the head of department for many years, and for his crucial contributions to the Materials Research Society in Singapore. Jian-Sheng Wang, well known for the Swendsen-Wang algorithm received the 2017 IPS World Scientific Award for his theoretical and computational work in the non-equilibrium Green's function method for energy transport, particularly on thermal transport in nanostructures. The IPS Nanotechnology Award was given to Hui-Ying Yang for her contributions to advanced nanotechnology, particularly in the engineering of low-dimensional nanomaterials, which provide a wide area of applications ranging from efficient energy storage to scalable water desalination and purification.

The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for Public Awareness of Physics was given to Condy Shao-Chin Ng and Abel Jiahui Yang for their contribution to the organization of astronomy events. The Cresendas Medal and Prize for Outstanding Applied Physics Research was given to Samson Shion Seng Chang. For teaching physics, the Cresendas Medal and Prize was given to Yonghui Chew (ITE College West), Jonathan Xinping Ho (Hillgrove Secondary School) and Bernard Ricardo Widjaja (NUS High School for Mathematics and Science).


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