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News from the Korean Physical Society

The Korean Physical Society (KPS) regularly hosts three-day scientific meetings in the spring and fall. The 2017 Fall Meeting was held in Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center. About 2,000 members participated and presented 1,160 papers. There were two keynote speeches, one by Nobel Prize Laureate Gerard 't Hooft, professor of Utrecht University, and the other by Andreas J. Heinrich, the director of IBS (the Institute for Basic Science). There were 15 parallel sessions and two post sessions that had active discussions and presentations. There was also a 'Pioneering Symposium', multiple 'Focused Sessions' organized by each division, a 'Tutorial Session', a Women's Session' and an 'Industry Academia Session'.

This 2017 KPS fall meeting had a number of special events. In order to honor the 40th anniversary of the death of Benjamin W. Lee, APCTP (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics) hosted a lecture by Viatcheslav F. Mukhanov (Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics). As part of its outreach program, KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) presented a public lecture series, 'Frontiers in Physics', by Hang Bae Kim (Hanyang University) and Kwon Park (KIAS). Another interesting session, presented by Byungsik Hong (Korea University) and Hee-Jung Lee (Chungbuk National University), focused on RAON, the heavy ion accelerator in Korea, which aims to explore the origins of chemical elements, and to discover new isotopes, new materials using rare isotopes, and applied medical phenomena.

In addition to the academic activities, this KPS meeting provided sessions for graduate students as well as researchers that focused on practical skills associated with securing research funds. First, a special session entitled 'Job-market and supply of physics-majors in our society' was presented by Yunki Kim (Kwangwoon University) and Se-Jong Kahng (Korea University). Yunki Kim (Kwangwoon University), Woo-Sung Jung (Postech), Se-Jong Kahng (Korea University) also gave a series of talks entitled 'New direction in national science policy', which focused on research funding.

In this meeting, various KPS prizes were also given. Hong-Gyu Park (Korea University) received the 2017 KPS Academic Award for his research achievements in nanophotonics. K. Kang (Seoul National University) and Bohm Jung Yang (Seoul National University) both received the Young Physicist Award. The Best Paper Prizes were given to Sungkyun Park (Pusan National University), Woochul Yang (Dongguk University), and Jaebong Lee (Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation). The Best Paper Prizes are designed to promote the KPS journals. KPS publishes two SCI-listed journals, the Journal of the Korean Physical Society and Current Applied Physics The KPS also publishes, in Korean, another scientific journal, called Sae Mulli.

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