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Chinese Physical Society 2016-2017 Physics Awards
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Chinese Physical Society 2016-2017 Physics Awards

Twelve physicists were the recipients of eight awards by the Chinese Physical Society (CPS), given during the Fall Meeting of CPS in September 2017. Held in Chengdu, the Fall Meeting was the largest gathering of physicists of CPS, and totaled more than 2500 participants this year. These awards are conferred every two years, and are the top physics awards given by the Chinese Physical Society. Each award carries a medal and award money. The following table lists the recipients, their affiliation and the award that they received.




Introduction of the work

Award Names


Guangyu Zhang

Institute of Physics, CAS

Guangyu Zhang and the coauthors have achieved important progress on the fabrication, interface-modulated electric transport, and prototype devices of 2D materials and their heteroastructures.

Hu Gangfu Physics Award
(for experimental physics)


Li Xuan

Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS

Li Xuan's group is the first to develop a liquid crystal adaptive optics imaging system for large aperture telescopes, which is an important contribution to the field of liquid crystals.


Liangyou Peng

Peking University

Liangyou Peng has made significant contributions to theories of strong field and attosecond physics.

Ye Qisun Physics Award (for condensed matter physics)


Weiping Zhang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Weiping Zhang has made an internationally recognized seminal achievement in developing theoretical and experimental research on quantum optics, atom optics and quantum metrology.

Rao YuTai Physics Award (for atomic, molecu;ar, optical and acoustical physics)


Ke He

Tsinghua University

Ke He has achieved important results on molecular beam epitaxy growth and the engineering of topological insulators, and has made outstanding contributions to the first experimental realization of the quantum anomalous Hall effect.


Yuhu Zhang

Institute of Modern Physics, CAS

Yu-Hu Zhang and his team members have accomplished important work in the fields of nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics based on the large-scale scientific facilities in China.

Wu Youxun Physics Award (for nuclear physics)


Yuanning Gao

Tsinghua University

The experimental particle physics group led by Yuanning Gao has discovered a new type of particle containing five quarks, which represents a major breakthrough in the study of the formation of hadrons.

Wang Ganchang Physics Award (for high energy physics)


Qian Wang

Peking University

Qian Wang and her collaborators have made outstanding scientific contributions to the theoretical study of novel carbon materials and spin electronic materials.

Xie Xide Physics Award (for women in physics)


Jianqing Huo

University of Science and Technology of China

Jianqing Huo has made breakthrough contributions on the pedagogics of experimental physics through innovations of the overall course system and content, advances in teaching methods and by building a diversified teaching environment.


Jianhua Zhao

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

On the construction and method of physics experiment teaching, Jianqing Huo has made a breakthrough contribution to the innovation of experimental course system and content, teaching mode and building a diversified teaching environment.

Huang Kun Physics Award
(for semiconductor physics)


Xinran Wang

Nanjing University

Xinran Wang has made significant contributions to developing high-performance two-dimensional electronic devices, ranging from transition-metal dichalcogenides to organic semiconductors.


Xi Dai

Institute of Physics, CAS

Xinran Wang has made significant contributions to developing high-performance two-dimensional electronic devices, ranging from transition-metal dichalcogenides to organic semiconductors.

Zhou Peiyuan Physics Award (for theoretical physics)


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