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The First Division Chair Meeting of AAPPS
Mitsuru Kikuchi
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The First Division Chair Meeting of AAPPS


Fig. 1: AAPPS officers and division chairs of the First Division Chair Meeting at Mantra South Bank, a hotel in Brisbane. (left to right): Sang Pyo Kim, Tohru Motobayashi, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Seunghwan Kim, Gui-Lu Long, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Hyoung Joon Choi, Woo-Sung Jung.

As of December 2016, the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) has created the following three divisions: the Division of Plasma Physics (DPP), the Division of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation (DACG), and the Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP). The first division chair meeting of AAPPS was held in Brisbane on December 5, 2016. The meeting was attended by Seunghwan Kim (president); Gui-Lu Long (vice-president), Hyoung Joon Choi (treasurer), Mitsuru Kikuchi (DPP chair), Sang Pyo Kim (DACG, vice chair), Kazuhiro Tanaka (DNP chair), Tohru Motobayashi (DNP Steering Board member), Woo Sung Jung (executive director of the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)), Jiyong Bak (AAPPS staff member from APCTP) and Eunjeong Lee (AAPPS staff member from APCTP).

President Seunghwan Kim and Vice President Gui-Lu Long noted the importance of the exchange of information among AAPPS divisions. Prior to the meeting, basic information regarding the three divisions was shared and compiled from the three divisions into a table (listed below), which included topics such as membership figures, financial matters, and bylaws. After the participants were introduced, division representatives gave further commentary regarding the current status of their respective divisions, using the following table as a guide.

The importance of division activities for AAPPS was unanimously agreed upon and division activities will become an important core of AAPPS. To ensure such activities, the importance of financial support to the divisions by APCTP is recognized.


Table 1. Basic information of three divisions under AAPPS.

Division of Plasma Physics

Division of Astrophysics,
Cosmology and Gravitation

Division of Nuclear Physics

1. Committees

① Executive Committee

② Advisory Committee

① M. Kikuchi (Chair),
L. Chen (CN), A. Sen (IN),
M. Shiratani (JP), Z. Sheng (CN),
L. Hau (TW), D. Ryu (KO),
M. Hole (AU), T. Onjun (TH),
H. Nagai, K. Imadera

② I-HAC: P. Kaw (Chair),
A. Hasegawa (JP), C. Yu (CN),
R. Dewar (AU), CZ. Cheng (TW),
CS Chan (KO), FF Chen (US),
R. Hatakeyama (JP),
R. Boswell (AU), T. Tajima (US),
XT He (CN), K. Mima (JP),
K. Shibata (JP), LC Lee (TW),
Z. Pu (CN), W. Namkung (KO),
M. Sasao (JP), H. Takabe (JP),
C. Pan (CN), B. Buti (IN)

① Misao Sasaki (Chair),
Australia: Warrick Couch,
*Bruce Dawson, Raymond Volkas, and Stuart Wyithe

China: *Rong-Gen Cai,
Yungui Gong, Xiao-Feng Wang, Shuang-Nan Zhang,
Zhong-Hong Zhu

Japan: Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Masaki Mori, Misao Sasaki, Takahiro Tanaka,
Jun'ichi Yokoyama

Korea: Kiwoon Choi,
Gungwon Kang, *Sang Pyo Kim,
Sungwon Kim

Taiwan: Pisin Chen,
Chao-Qing Geng, *Xiao-Gang He,
Hoi-Lai Yu *vice-chairs

② Jihn E. Kim, Shih-Chang Lee, Jeremy Mould, Katsuhiko Sato, Yue-Liang Wu

① ANPhA Steering Board:

K. Tanaka (Chair),
A. Chakrabarti (IN),
M.-K. Cheoun (KO),
V. Datar (IN), K. I. Hahn (KO),
B. Hong (KO), A. Hosaka (JP),
D. T. Khoa (VN), W. Liu (CN),
Y.-G. Ma (CN),
T. Motobayashi (JP),
H. Tamura (JP),
A. Thomas (AU),
H. T. Wong (TW),
G. Xiao (CN), F.Xu (CN)

② Observers:

A. Bracco (IT - NuPECC),
D.-P. Min (KR),
S. Nagamiya (JP),
H. Sakai (JP),
Y. Ye (CN)

2. Membership

① Regional balance

② Group membership

① ~1300. Having DPP conferences in various counties may increase regional balance.

② Only CPS-DPP as group member but no information about individual.

① Japan and China have the largest number of members.

② Group membership from Gravitation and Astrophysics Society in Beijing is planned. Other regions including Japan, Korea, Taipei, and Oceania have only individual members.

① China and Japan are the two largest countries. Others are Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

② None

3. Financial matters

① Membership fee


③ Income

① No

② APCTP support is quite effective.

③ At present, web advertisement and S.C. Prize sponsors.

Future, conference fee and DPP journal.

① None

② APCTP supports divisional activities.

③ None at this moment

① None

② APCTP support will be quite effective. (We have not used the support yet, as we are new.)

③ None

4. Annual meeting

① Place, time

① DPP2017 18-23/09/2017, Chengdu

IOC chair: Liu Chen, LOC chair:
X. Duan

① ICGAC13 (Seoul, July 3-7), CosPA2017 (Dec., Kyoto),
AP School on G&C (Hong Kong, 2017)

① ANPhA board meeting once per year, usually with ANPhA Symposium. The most recent one was in Tohoku University, Japan, Nov. 24-25, 2016, LOC chair:
H. Tamura

We can also discuss DNP matter in the ANPhA board meeting in the future.

5. Division awards

S. Chandrasekhar

② Young research

③ Others

① S.C. award from 2014

② Young research award from 2016

③ EPS chair asked to have joint award.

① None at this moment

② None at this moment

① None

② None

③ None

6. Division journals

① Official journal

② BoE meeting

① Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics

Start 2017 (>20 papers committed)

② Only e-mail communication

① AP CosPA Org publishes
"The Universe".

② E-mail communications by Pauchy Hwang (editor-in-chief).

① None

② None

7. Cooperation



① Only AAPPS-DPP send PC member.

We recommend invited speakers.

② DPP Chair joins APS-DPP Program Committee (PC).

① Not yet

② Not yet

① Mutual exchange of observers with NuPECC (NuPECC gives a presentation in the ANPhA board meeting, and vice versa). (NuPECC is not under EPS)

② No regular communication, but ANPhA is invited to give a talk in NSAC, and vice versa.

8. Bylaws of the divisions

① Chair/Chair Elect

① We will select chair-elect as next chair for continuation.

① EXCO elects the chair and
vice-chairs from each country.

① Bylaw of ANPhA exists. Chair is nominated every two years in the board meeting.

We will select chair-elect as next chair for continuation.

9. Legal place

① Legal place of Div.

② Legal place of Account

① For contract with Springer-Nature, we use current DPP chair's home as place.

② Same for accounts Matter:
When we have change in chair.

① None

② Sang Pyo Kim
(vice-chair, KPS)


# Web page is maintained at RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan).


Bylaws for AAPPS Divisions (resolved at the 27th Council Meeting, Singapore, June 16, 2012)

1. Purpose

The AAPPS Council shall establish Divisions. In each APPC meeting this Division structure will be fully utilized for session organization. Also, the Division itself may organize its own meetings.

2. Two Types of Divisions
A Division may be either a) a "regular" Division that originates from
a specific science field, or; b) an "interdisciplinary" Division that originates from one issue or one instrument while it can span many disciplines.

3. Establishment of Divisions
a) Applications for the formation of a Division should be submitted to the AAPPS President.
The application should state:
- the subject that the Division proposes;
- the category of the Division of either "regular" or "interdisciplinary";
- the rules of the Division;
- the core members of the Division
(with at minimum, the name of the Chair), and;
- a web address for the Division, if it exists.
b) The AAPPS Council must seek approval from no less than four member societies.
c) Division formation is subject to approval by the AAPPS Council.
d) The Division can also be terminated by the AAPPS Council.

4. Activities of Divisions
a) Divisions may organize sessions at the Asia Pacific Physics
Conference (APPC) either solely or jointly with other Divisions.
b) Each Division should report its activities at the AAPPS Council meeting, either in writing or in person.
c) Each Division may organize its own meetings at any time.
d) No financial obligations exist between Divisions and the AAPPS Council.