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Oct 2015 Shaping the Future: Challenge to Attain Research Excellence
Aug 2015 Prof. Bum-Hoon Lee Appointed as 6th President of APCTP
Aug 2015 Many-body Theory and Strongly Correlated Systems Group at AP...
Jun 2015 Interstellar and LIGO: Korean Gravitational Wave Group
Apr 2015 Our Efforts toward Energy Frontier: Hunting a New Physics wi...
Feb 2015 Strangeness Nuclear Physics: A New Window for Studying the S...
Dec 2014 Information Is Physical: The 27th Workshop on Mesoscopic and...
Oct 2014 Greetings from APCTP Executive Director
Aug 2014 Space-time Physics and Space-time Beauty
Jun 2014 Recent Moves at APCTP
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