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Aug 2016 The 20th Anniversary of the Asia Pacific Center for Theoreti...
Jun 2016 APCTP Scientific Activities
Jun 2016 The APCTP Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Apr 2016 Quantum Information and Many-Body Theory Group at APCTP
Feb 2016 APCTP and The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Dec 2015 New Junior Research Group at the APCTP: Gauge/Gravity Dualit...
Oct 2015 Shaping the Future: Challenge to Attain Research Excellence
Aug 2015 Prof. Bum-Hoon Lee Appointed as 6th President of APCTP
Aug 2015 Many-body Theory and Strongly Correlated Systems Group at AP...
Jun 2015 Interstellar and LIGO: Korean Gravitational Wave Group
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