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Dec 2019 Hadron Properties in a Nuclear Medium and Effective Nuclear...
Dec 2019 Heat Engines Using Small Quantum Systems
Oct 2019 Molecular Switches Regulating Assembly Transitions of Biolog...
Aug 2019 Patterns, Symmetry, and Solids
Aug 2019 Skyrmions: Emergent Topological Particles In Magnets
Jun 2019 Redefining SI Base Units with Fundamental Constants
Jun 2019 Magnetization Plateaus in a Geometrically Frustrated Anisotr...
Apr 2019 The AlphaGo and AlphaFold Stir
Apr 2019 The KIAS-APCTP Winter School on Statistical Physics: 16 Yea...
Apr 2019 Symmetry Principle for Topologically Ordered Phases
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